How do you know if it's the right time to use a part-time CFO?  Here are some signs to alert you that your business is ready, or is well overdue for one.

Depending on your needs, you have total flexibility to use our CFOs a few hours at a time, as part or full-time ongoing support, or as needed on project basis.  No matter which method is the best fit for your company you can take comfort in knowing that you'll have a CFO supporting you every step of the way, for a fraction of the cost of having one on staff. 

Having the expertise of a CFO on your side can be a significant asset whether your company needs to expand operations, turn around net losses, or evaluate potential acquisitions, just to name a few. It sounds good, but having one as a full-time employee is also an expensive investment your business may not be ready to take on. With our part-time CFO services you have a better option.

Accounting Office Outsourced - Time for a CFO