Your company's needs are unique, which is why our bookkeeping services are not one-size fits all.



It is no surprise that the needs of a start-up are vastly different than that of a $30,000,000 company.  A newly opened business may only need the basics, bank and credit card reconciliations, for example.  An established business may require accrual accounting, in-depth financial analysis and forecasts.  This is precisely why our bookkeeping solutions are created specifically to match your business needs today, and become more involved as your business grows and faces next-level financial challenges.

As we customize unique service options to specific needs of each company we make sure that our pricing remains simple and predictable. You may choose from as little or as many services as you like.  Perhaps you need help with processing payroll, paying bills, assistance with billing and collections, or maintaining a complete GAAP compliant accounting department. We'll present you with the right solution.

And if you’re wondering whether this type of service can actually save you money, the quick answer is absolutely.  At Accounting Office Outsourced our job is to focus on taking care of your books, nothing else. "Extras" like benefit costs, vacations or socializing with co-workers are not something you would ever pay for, which is why our fees are significantly less than having a full-time person on staff.  

That is why we charge a flat monthly rate so you always know what you are going to spend; no hidden fees or transaction costs, and definitely no surprises.