“I already use a CPA, isn't that the same as a CFO?” It’s an easy misconception, but the two are very different.


CPA's Role

A CPA’s role is to minimize the impact of taxes on your business. Depending on the complexity CPAs will typically meet with you at least once a year to go over historical financial information prepared by your company, and create a tax strategy for the new year. An outside CPA will also certify your financials by issuing an opinion on their accuracy. This is typically a requirement by the banks when you carry a line of credit, or by outside investors who have a vested interest in knowing that historical financials have been independently verified. In most cases, however, outside CPAs deal with what has already occurred.

CFO's Role

Accounting Office Outsourced CFOs, on the other hand, may use past performance for comparing future results, but their role is to closely work with the business owners and their management team to create strategies that will maximize profitability and grow the company’s value. Through this process they will continuously analyze every facet of the business, ranging from operations to sales, production to marketing, in order to uncover inefficiencies and provide opportunities for further profit maximization and growth. To clearly understand results they will create and implement measurement tools to effectively analyze ongoing performance. Our CFOs will help you get accurate financials faster, will create rolling forecasts to minimize or avoid potential bad news waiting around the corner, and will manage the cash flow and balance sheet health of the company.

Our CFOs truly see themselves as business partners, which is why we will work with outside CPAs, banks and vendors to assist with financial representation of your company. We will also prepare presentations and be the owners’ right hand in presenting to the Board, investors and other relevant parties.